Backup Matrix

JensenIT’s On-Premises Managed Backup and Hosted Managed Backup services each offer you two fully managed Backup packages (Backup Base and Backup Advanced) which are simple to implement and easy to use. Each package includes the software you’ll need to manage the entire backup solution—the initial setup and configuration, tracking any failures and even configuration changes are included in your package.

Our Backup Technicians are available around the clock, so we deliver peace of mind by reducing your risk and restoring your data as quickly as possible. With our Hosted Managed Backups, extra plugins and storage space can be purchased separately if your requirements change – it’s that simple.

How Can Managed Backup Services Benefit Your Business?

  • Increased productivity
    This model of computing allows you to operationalize expenses and reduce capital expenditure.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Gain access to best of breed technologies in world class data centers at a fraction of the cost.
  • Simplicity
    Virtual servers can be provisioned and configured within minutes.
  • Flexibility
    Ability to scale up or down as needed
  • Convenience
    Greater levels of application availability.
  • Quality
    Improved service and operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    TCO of storage solutions is reduced through intelligent Backup Resource Management.

According to The National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, 93% of companies that have experienced data loss, coupled with prolonged downtime for ten or more days, have filed for bankruptcy within twelve months of the incident. 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately. Finally, 43% of companies with no data recovery and business continuity plan actually go out of business following a major data loss.

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