Proactive Support

JensenIT provides surveillance and security services capable of handling multi-million dollar businesses as well as smaller, private estates. We oversee all stages of a commercial security system project from system design to installation through testing and training of your staff. Let’s also not forget that your home security needs are important. After a thorough evaluation, we will recommend a robust security system, customized for you. Based on your needs and budget, we’ll provide the solution that works.

An IT Partner, Not Provider

We understand why your critical business services are so important to your daily operations. This is why we spend so much time aligning our technology to support your initiatives. Building a program that relies on 24x7x365 network monitoring coupled with an aggressive preventative maintenance component ensures optimum uptime for your business.

One of the major challenges in maintaining a computer network is trying to predict what will fail and when. With our Down to Business Services solution, we can prevent many network failures from ever happening. By combining regular and comprehensive preventative maintenance and robust real-time monitoring of your critical network and desktop devices, we ensure the reliability and stability of your IT assets.

This solution is so effective that our customers see almost immediate results. A regularly maintained network means fewer failures, yielding higher productivity and savings on support costs for you. At the same time, your exposure to security risks is dramatically lessened, and frustration from unstable IT resources almost vanishes. We allow our customers to focus on their core business functions by taking the worry out of owning a computer network.

Do these issues plague your business?

  • Network Neglected? Is yours perceived as a "necessary evil" and not as integral to improving business performance?
  • Downtime Impact? Are IT outages distracting your staff from their core focus, or prohibiting them from working efficiently?
  • Distracted Employees? Do your staff rely on other non-IT employees to deal with distracting IT problems?

Program Advantages:

  • Increased Productivity:
    Continuous insight into your network lets us reduce the business impact of IT failure by shortening the time from network failure to issue resolution.
  • Reduced Business Impact from IT Failures:
    Combining preventative maintenance and remote monitoring means we minimize failures that could impact your business. Your network behaves in a stable and reliable manner.
  • Reduced Network Downtime Through Proactive Maintenance:
    Through regular, preventative maintenance activities designed to keep your network operating efficiently, we reduce the number of emergency incidents you encounter.“This program perfectly suits my business needs and ensure we have optimum uptime to avoid affecting our business.”
Program Features
  • 24x7 Advanced Performance Monitoring - ensures all of the critical network devices that comprise your small business network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance - ensures that your servers, PCs and other vital network devices function optimally. This improves reliability and security
  • Quarterly Network Health Review - dedicates time to review reports and issues that are important to the ongoing performance of your network. We translate technology into business terms for you
  • Security Management uses properly - designed and implemented Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solutions to keep your business protected
  • Patch Management - ensures all of your Windows servers and PCs have the most up-to-date security and system patches, helping to optimize performance and minimize security risk
  • Network Operations Center - Our NOC team is available to assist with all your support needs, delivering support remotely and actively monitoring your systems for critical failure

Program Elements

Included Services
  • 24x7 Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Key Application Maintenance
  • Microsoft and 3rd Party Patch Management
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
Proactive Server
  • Microsoft and 3rd Party Patch Management
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Availability Monitoring
Proactive Workstation
  • Backup Deployment and Configuration
  • Backup Performance Monitoring
  • Backup Software Updates
  • Scheduled Backup Jobs
Proactive Backup
  • Quarterly Network Health Review
Proactive Support
  • Additional Network, End-user and Network Support Billed at T&M Rates
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring and Management
  • Anti-Spam Monitoring and Management
Proactive Security
  • Router/Switch Performance Monitoring


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