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Utilize today’s greatest technology solutions to educate the professionals of tomorrow.

The use of technology in education keeps improving every year. The more that educators depend on technology solutions to provide their students with a quality education, the more cost-effective support they will need. At JensenIT, we understand that every academic institution has unique challenges they face to provide their students with an education that they can use to be productive members of society. With all types of hardware, software, networking, and other IT-related products, as well as Illinois’s most knowledgeable IT professionals, JensenIT is your one-stop shop for all of your educational technology needs.

Education Is Changing, Schools Need to Change with It

The implementation of dynamic computing solutions can advance a student's education exponentially.

At JensenIT, we believe that knowledge is indispensable. That is why our IT technicians are versed in the design, deployment, and support of information systems that work for all types of learning environments. From our ICT suite design program to our knowledge in implementing both physical and virtual centralized computing platforms, to our relationships with companies that can provide dynamic peripherals, JensenIT can make teaching, and learning, much easier.

It’s proven that students often benefit from a hands-on approach to learning. With some of the same technology we often make available for Illinois businesses, you can leverage advances in IT to present powerful and interactive learning corridors. Some of the services we can offer your organization include:

  • IT and Bandwidth Consulting - Our IT professionals can help your organization find the IT services and solutions you need to produce results, within your budgetary constraints.
  • Hardware and Software Procurement - With our multitude of vendor relationships, we provide the access to hardware and software solutions, as well as the expertise in deploying these solutions efficiently.
  • IT Support - We have a full cache of support services, including Help Desk and Remote Monitoring that can allow your on campus IT department the freedom to innovate, without the concern of continuous support taking up resources and time.
  • Mobile Device Integration - We understand both the benefits and detriments that mobile devices can be to an organization, and can help you determine what mobile policies work best for your school.

Remote Teaching is Here to Stay

While many may have seemed resistant to it initially, virtual learning has allowed lessons to be taught when they otherwise couldn’t be. We can help you support these capabilities to make them as effective as possible.

With the tools we’ll provide, planning a lesson for a remote class can still be effective and engaging for your students…with less of a learning curve on your end!

School Audio/Video Technology

Teaching can be challenging enough—let us provide the tools to make it easier and more flexible to the modern classroom’s needs.

Empower Your Classroom

It can be challenging to hold the attention of the modern student, especially considering the caliber of technology they have likely grown up amongst. Whether you need a display that better captures this attention, a microphone that ensures everyone can hear clearly and comprehend your lessons and lectures, or any other modern classroom amenity, we can ensure you are prepared to mold the young minds entrusted to you, in a language they’ll likely better understand.

Combine the Benefits of In-Person and Remote Learning

The modern educator has learned by now that their classroom situation will likely never be fully remote or fully in-person. We can help by equipping you with the technology that allows you to teach both with unimpacted efficacy.

Let us help you leverage your IT assets

At JensenIT, we can help your school leverage its IT assets into a dynamic workplace for your educators and an equally dynamic learning environment for your students. Call us today at (847) 803-0044 to learn more.

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