Application Whitelisting

Let me ask you a question…let’s say that you were in charge of security for some big, fancy event. Would you allow just anyone in, or would you stick to the list of guests that were confirmed as being invited to be there?

Application whitelisting serves a very similar function for your business’ technology. When many attacks can be introduced to a network via a vulnerability in an application, or even through an app designed to be malicious, it is important that you keep these harmful applications off of your workstations. By whitelisting certain applications that you know to be secure, you can take another step towards preventing others from being introduced to your business’ network.

By monitoring your network in real time, application whitelisting can prevent or restrict certain applications or scripts from running, helping to confirm that malware is kept off your network.

Why Whitelist Certain Applications, Instead of Just Blacklisting Threats or Relying on Antivirus?

  • Whitelisting only allows specific applications to run, helping prevent all malware, not just known examples.
  • Whitelisting can help you spot security weaknesses amongst your team, allowing you to rectify their behaviors.
  • Whitelisting can help reduce the potential for interference between software, reducing help desk costs.
  • Whitelisting gives you peace of mind that your team is using the tools you want them to use.

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