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Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Business’ Security, Instead of Hurting It


Artificial intelligence has gotten a bad rep over the years. However, the fact of the matter is that AI can have a huge impact upon a business to its benefit. This is especially true where the security of these businesses came into play, and especially considering that cybercriminals have begun to leverage it - actually earning it its poor reputation.

Fortunately for businesses, they can use AI to fight fire with fire.

Here at JensenIT, we’re offering security services to you that leverage the capabilities of AI to make your business more resilient against attacks. Whether you lack the in-house expertise to properly protect your business from today’s threats, the capital and time resources to properly defend your organization, or the luck to keep your business out of a particularly nasty attack’s crosshairs, you need something more to keep your livelihood safe.

We can provide you with AI-powered security solutions, capable of adding a few enhancements to your protections, giving you a better chance of fending them off. These enhancements include:

  • Predictive Protection - There’s no shortage of attacks that could be somewhat easily stopped, only if there was a chance that they could be caught soon enough. While a human being may not be able to accomplish this kind of response time, artificial intelligence is able to. Leveraging machine learning and predictive analysis, AI can identify threats in real time, blocking potential attacks effectively instantly… at least from our perspective.

  • Enhanced Hunting Capabilities - Many attacks have been shown to be particularly slippery, malware able to sneak in through a process called polymorphic behavior, which allows the malware to appear completely different from endpoint to endpoint. Attackers have used AI to hide malware, keeping it dormant until it reaches its target. However, AI can be leveraged to identify these kinds of malware, stopping it before it attacks.

  • Automated Defenses - What good would a security solution be if it didn’t eliminate the threat once it as identified? With the addition of AI, your defenses can go on the offense against threats, identifying and eliminating them - no matter when they are identified.

When you’re fighting a battle against artificially intelligent threats, you need an artificially intelligent defense. We can assist you in implementing one.

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI can help protect your business with the help of JensenIT, please reach out to us!

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