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Software as a Service Solves the Software Licensing Issue for SMBs

Software as a Service Solves the Software Licensing Issue for SMBs

All businesses require software of some sort, but utilizing software comes with its own fair share of frustrations. How do you manage all of the licenses? How do you even afford the often high capital expense that comes with equipping all of your users with the programs they need? Thankfully, the cloud comes to the rescue once again with what’s called Software as a Service.

Software Licenses vs Software as a Service

Anyone who has ever purchased a piece of software knows that it can be expensive up-front. Normally you would pay a fee upon purchase, then upgrade to the latest version of the software as time goes on, constantly purchasing and repurchasing the same software, just updated with a new coat of paint. This can be seen as a wasteful practice, and some small businesses simply do not have the funds to make this happen for multiple employees.

Furthermore, if licenses for all software cannot be purchased, businesses might opt to use older and less secure versions of the software, leading to increased likelihood of data breaches and data loss; and that’s not even mentioning the productivity issues that could result from using older, defunct software. No, it’s far easier to use the most recent, up-to-date versions of software whenever possible. That’s where Software as a Service comes into play.

The Benefits of Software as a Service

Generally speaking, when you use a cloud-based version of an application, you are likely using it as a “software as a service” model. When you utilize Software as a Service, you are always using the most recent version of the program in question. There is no concern that you are using an outdated or unsecure version of the software. Adding new users is easy, too. Rather than purchasing new licenses, you are simply adding user accounts and adjusting your monthly rate.

Furthermore, since you are paying for the software on a month-by-month basis, the payments are smaller and easier to fit into a budget than the larger up-front costs of investing in a certain number of software licenses. It’s just one way that the “as a service” model can make running a business easier.

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Monday, July 26, 2021

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