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JensenIT has been serving the Illinois area since 1991, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Three of the Biggest Security Solutions You Might Not Be Using

Three of the Biggest Security Solutions You Might Not Be Using

Your typical IT professional might suggest some common methods of network security like implementing better preventative measures, like firewalls and antivirus. However, there is more that goes into network security—far more. If you’re not careful, you could accidentally miss some of these three security solutions and expose your business to potential threats. But we’re not about to let that happen!

Secure Endpoints

While it’s important to protect your systems, this means that you have to protect them at more than just the network level. You also must take into account endpoint-level security. Endpoints are any devices used by your business that interface with your network infrastructure, and the breadth of this includes any devices used by your employees, any devices that connect to the Internet, and various other parts of your network. You’ll need to protect laptops, routers, networking equipment, servers, mobile devices, and even Internet of Things devices that you might not necessarily think to protect yourself from.

Use Encryption

If you want to maximize security, you need to be using encryption wherever and whenever you can. Encryption scrambles your data so that only those who are authorized to view it can do so, rendering theft all but useless. Encryption is particularly important for remote workers who are working off of the security of your business’ network, meaning that unless they’re using an encrypted network like a VPN, onlookers could potentially view or intercept data while it’s in transit.

Perform Audits for Potential Vulnerabilities

Businesses must perform regular security audits to ensure that they are not overlooking potential vulnerabilities in their software and operating systems. If left unchecked, any potential vulnerability could be an unlocked door waiting to be kicked open by a hacker. Your organization needs to establish a schedule to undergo regular security audits and penetration testing.

Would Your Business Like a Security Audit?

It is always beneficial to have the perspective of a professional technician on your side—especially when that technician is from a neutral third party like JensenIT. You can trust us to always be honest about what your organization must do to stay secure. To learn more, we recommend you contact us for a network security audit. We’ll identify weak points and opportunities for you to improve your security. Call us to get started at (847) 803-0044.

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