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You Have to Prioritize IT Training

You Have to Prioritize IT Training

For the IT administrator and the small business owner, it can be a bewildering experience when your company comes under siege from employee-induced cyberthreats; especially if you, like many other companies, have started prioritizing security training. Even if the threat is thwarted early and the effect on the business is negligible, it is important that you trust the people who have access to your organization’s digital resources. Let’s look at some of the reasons some of your staff take cybersecurity initiatives worse than others. 

You Can’t Tell ‘Em Nothin’

Some people will resist direction at any turn. They want to do things on their own terms and any mention of how they are expected to go about doing things is met with resistance, whether it is for their own good or not. This is annoying for any leader, but you may find that slightly shifting how you do these things, or at least altering the conversation, can make all the difference. Some people respond better when you let them think it’s their own decision.

They Are Busy 

Some of the most serious breaches in business result from shifting demands of people who have a lot going on. People who have moved fast for years don’t always take to major shifts in business practices and therefore can be tricked into making impulsive decisions. These are exactly the types of people opportunists target. 

They Just Don’t Care

These people have to be identified and rooted out if your business has any chance of avoiding a serious data breach. That’s not to say that this ignorance can’t be stymied without a lot of employee churn, but if the behavior continues it cannot be tolerated at any cost. There is simply too much at stake for the people who work for you to ignore the organization's needs. They need to get with the program or get out of the way.

Regardless of the reasons they provide, there really is no excuse for an employee who is sufficiently trained and given every opportunity to succeed. The problem is that many organizations simply don’t invest in the level of employee training necessary to give their people that chance. 

At JensenIT, we can not only provide suggestions and implement a comprehensive employee training program, but we can also work with your in-house IT team to set up a training platform so they can continue to focus on your business’ IT.  Either way, getting a training platform integrated into your business is, unfortunately, one of the best ways to put your employees—who are targets—in the position to protect your business. Give us a call at (847) 803-0044 to have a conversation about the overall health of your IT security.

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